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Our knowledge and expertise combines to present you with a bespoke service that provides you with a complete solution for your fleet aquisition and management. These are the service elements we blend into your fleet management solution:

Fleet Audit

A complete and thorough review of your fleet.

Even the best run fleets have room for improvement. We begin every relationship by carrying out a free audit of all aspects of your current fleet.

This will reveal how much you could save on your fleet costs and how you can improve the control of your vehicles and drivers.


Fleet Funding

Different funding methods to reduce your fleet costs

We combine our independence with an extensive range of funding products to offer solutions that are impartial, balanced and above all, competitive.


Fleet Management and Support

Different funding methods to reduce your fleet costs

Fleet Management and Support is a comprehensive service which provides assistance to your business and your drivers, including mileage reporting and technical advice.

By taking away the cost and hassle from managing your company vehicles and drivers, our Fleet Management and Support service leaves you and your team free to get on with looking after your customers and growing your business.


Whole life costs

Reduce your overall fleet costs

Whole Life Cost is a smarter way of selecting vehicles for your fleet by taking into account all the costs associated with running a vehicle ... not just the monthly lease payment.

This will reduce your overall fleet costs and help you select vehicles with better fuel consumption, lower road tax , and lower National Insurance Levels.


Competitive Tendering

Get a better deal on every vehicle

We compare the prices of up to seven finance providers for every quotation. This could save you thousands!

Most people know that savings that can be obtained by getting several quotes for each vehicle they need, but many don't have the time or expertise required to do it themselves. We do it all for you!


Fuel Management

We manage your fleet administration

We handle all your day-to-day fleet administration, supporting fleet managers and drivers, helping them concentrate on their core business.

We analyse driver mileages and ensure excess mileage costs are avoided. We deal with all fleet-related suppliers directly, saving time and eliminating time-consuming administration.


Driver risk management

We do a fleet safety audit

We audit your fleet and analyse the associated risks.

Where necessary, we'll implement a bespoke driver training programme based on the findings of the risk analysis.

This ensures legal compliance, reduces collision, running and maintenance costs. Paves the way for lower insurance premiums.


License checking

Avoid risks arising from the behaviour of drivers

We regularly check your drivers' licences against DVLA licence data automatically. This helps you comply with Health and Safety guidelines, protects you from fraud and prevents company prosecution for accidents etc.

Our licence checking service offers you a convenient and comprehensive online portal which allows you to check: Whether the driver ever passed a test; Whether the driver is currently banned; That the driver is entitled to drive the category of vehicle they are operating; Whether the driver has any undisclosed points or endorsements on their licence; That the driver's recorded address matches.


Accident Management

Reduces disruption following driver accidents

Reduce vehicle off-road days, administration and monitoring. This reduces fleet costs and minimises disruption.

We take care of all the administration relating to the claim and getting your vehicle back on the road.

We provide a free replacement vehicle for 48 hours if your vehicle cannot be driven and a courtesy car while the vehicle is being repaired.


Flexi Hire

Rent a vehicle for any period from days to years

Whether you need one or more extra vehicles for a specific period, or particular type of vehicle which you don't have in your fleet, Flexi Hire is the answer.

Flexi Hire provides you with competitive rates across all types of vehicles and for all periods up to 30 months, and you can extend the rental period at any time to meet changing circumstances.

Financial Conduct Authority

Quorum Fleet Solutions are a credit broker and not a lender. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered No : 736148

British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Assoc.

As a member of BVRLA we are quality assured and operate under sector-specific codes of conduct for businesses in the leasing and rental of cars and commercial vehicles.

Data Protection ACT 1998

We operate in compliance with the DPA, Registered in England & Wales with company number : 08568342 | Data Protection No : ZA157631 | VAT No : 250859686

Quality supplier of choice

At Quorum Fleet Solutions we are committed to giving you excellent customer service and treating you fairly. We aim to always be your supplier of choice.

About us

We have over 20 years industry experience and expertise. We are able to advise on all things fleet. Here's what we can do for you:
Health checking

We offer a FREE Fleet Health check to look at Tax Efficiency, Green Fleet, Telematics and such. We have weird and wonderful ways to make sure your fleet is running as economically and cost effectively as possible.

Deal making

We work closely with all manufacturers, dealer groups and finance houses throughout the UK and have secured fantastic savings which we will pass straight on to you.

Cost saving

Our main passion is saving you money and finding ways of continuously improving your fleet. We're good at it. Why not give us a try? What have you got to lose .. other than cost!

real support

Whether your fleet size is 1 or 1,000+ vehicles, we are on hand to offer not only the best guidance and advice but the best real support and responsiveness.

What People Say About Us

We are Experts at

  • Outsourced fleet management
  • Sourcing of new vehicles (commercials inc)
  • Fleet Maintenance and Servicing Packages
  • Accident management services
  • Outsourced Salary Sacrifice Services
  • Vehicle disposal services
  • Fleet strategy, fleet policy and policy advice
  • Liaising with drivers, driver training and fleet administration
  • Providing temporary vehicles
  • Managing reallocation's within the fleet
  • Vehicle Livery and Conversions
  • Outsourced Insurance products

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Our main passion is saving you money and finding ways of continuously improving your fleet. If you feel you could benefit from a free health check, please call 0330 022 9020 today!

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